Monday, May 26, 2014

Anatomy of a Photoshoot...Behind the scenes and extras. Check out
 Niche Magazine for the full details.

Tracey Drake, Editor in Chief/ Creative Designer at Niche Magazine, asked me if I'd be interested in photographing Urban Glamping for them? YES, it's definitely my type of camping! Glamping is camping with life's little luxuries. No plastic cups or paper plates, but china dishes, proper teacups, silver serving dishes, designer marshmallows, well you get the picture.

Sara Rose (on right) and I after the shoot...still smiling. It went great.
The morning of the shoot we found out that the original location wasn't going to work out. No problem and really no stress, we simply moved to the second location Sara had scouted...easy. :) Good job location scouting Sara

I should also mention that it was pouring rain, yes pouring rain and it was an outdoor shoot... in a park... at the beach! We were there bright and early...ok it was dark and dismal, but early.  Tin Can Studio set up their cool silver camper in a turn-around in Ambleside Park, which meant the models were able to be out of the rain and warmish while they were dressed, coiffed and adorned in finery. Standing by was the clothing stylist, making sure everything was organized for each part of the shoot...which means all the clients clothes, shoes, handbags, scarves and jewellery were put together with the right outfit and not forgotten on a shelf. Yes, I've forgotten the accessories before. That's what great assistants help you out with. You can check out all the goodies here in the magazine spread.

Having a laugh as we were setting up.
The great thing about the rain is that it kept people away from the set while Bespoke Decor Rentals organized and set up what they could while it was still raining.The rain blessedly stopped and the models were ready to go. Within 10 minutes of the rain stopping, people came out and we discovered we had  parked at the Dog Beach. Yep, we had unknowingly parked in the Dog Park where the dogs run free and the owners let them pretty much do what they want. You can guess what happened with loose dogs, interesting looking tables to climb on, all sorts of fun things to sniff and tasty, yummy smelling Archimallows. Should we laugh or cry?  We laughed and went with it, all the while the assistants were attempting to shoo away the dogs and keep them from jumping up on the models and ruining their outfits
. There was one  really cute English Bulldog though, that was so adorable that I put him in some shots.

I wasn't kidding when I said there were dogs everywhere :)
This dog kept barging in but was too cute to send away. Check out the magazine to see which shot made it in.
Yes there was some curiosity to see exactly where that couch was going to be set down. 
Sara guarding the couch to keep dogs off...all the while working on her phone.

Thanks Tin Can Studios for this great camper.

It definitely takes a team of hard working people to put something together well. Great job everyone. :)
Finally, the crew got to set themselves down before the clean up began.

Our gorgeous models

Finally warm. 

These models were great. Check out Niche magazine to find out their info. 

The amazing team and a very successful day. Thank you so much for your hard work.
Thank you to the wonderful, helpful, hard working Shoot Assistants:
Hair/Makeup Artist: SADÉ KEHLER

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