Wednesday, October 16, 2013

22 days and the countdown is on. After the obligatory morning sickness passed, Charlotte is the quintessential healthy pregnant mom. We planned this photoshoot a few weeks ago and at the time were thinking cozy sweaters, rosy cheeks from the cold and some lovely Autumn shots on a chilly Fall day. Instead we had unseasonably hot weather and a sun-drenched day. So, change of plans. Put away the wool scarves and pulled out the summer gear. :) There were people swimming in the October...crazy warm weather. Wonderfully, those very people swimming had a lovely, but very tippy canoe right at the shore and they so graciously let us use it. Having Charlotte's safety in mind, Michael didn't let the canoe go far from shore as it wouldn't be a great idea to dunk his very pregnant wife. Gotta love when things work out like that, especially since we didn't have to cart it in and out of the lake ourselves. Blessed!

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